Claire Datnow Tween & Eco Mysteries

The Adventures Of The Sizzling Six:
Who Stole The Cahaba Lily?

Second in the series of eco mysteries, “green” teens take action with attitude and a touch of humor. When six determined teenagers decide to track down poachers tearing up the rare Cahaba lily from a National Wildlife Refuge, they plunge straight into an exciting eco adventure. Will they have the courage to reckon with a bad-tempered thief, and skeptical police? Will they have the guts to appear in court as witnesses? Can they persuade the popular girls at school to stop bullying them and join their river clean up? Attention, fellow Earthlings! This is a serious book with a moral.

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Readers Reviews:
The characters of the sizzling six are so well developed I feel that I know them. I especially like the environmental message, and that it’s not too “preachy”—just a great concept for the reader to learn about and understand. There is just enough suspense and action to hold a young reader’s interest. 

Beth Shea, Media Specialist, Media Specialist

The Adventures of the Sizzling Six: Who Stole the Cahaba Lily? is the perfect companion to The Lone Tree.  Sarah and her friends become more proactive in the efforts to save nature's beauty.  The storyline grabs your interest and carries you along with the girls. While aimed at a middle school aged audience, Who Stole the Cahaba Lily? is enjoyable for nature lovers of all ages.

Kay Stone, Outreach Program Administrator  II, Auburn University Environmental Institute