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Claire Datnow writes environmental novels with themes of mystery, adventure, and environmental action. Her stories interweave science and storytelling to inspire readers to become wise and just stewards of the the Earth. Her eco mysteries are set in her home state of Alabama or across the globe and feature endangered species. Claire’s most recent novel, Red Flag Warning: An Eco Adventure, expands her eco fiction to include climate change. If you are like Barbara Kingsolver, Carl Hiaasen, or Sy Montgomery you will enjoy Claire’s stories.
Author Page Bio: Claire was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, which ignited her love for the natural world and diverse cultures. Claire taught creative writing to gifted and talented students in the Birmingham, Alabama, public schools. She earned an MA in Education for Gifted and Talented and a second MA in Public History. Her books for middle schoolers include The Adventures of the Sizzling Six, an eco-mystery series, and Edwin Hubble, Discoverer of Galaxies. Claire’s most recent novel, Red Flag Warning: An Eco Adventure, weaves in the theme of global climate change. Claire’s books for adults include a memoir, Behind The Walled Garden of Apartheid, and The Nine Inheritors. Claire has received numerous scholarships and awards, including the Alabama Conservancy Blanche Dean Award for Outstanding Nature Educator, a Beeson Samford Writing Project
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Enhanced books expand the reading experience by combining what you love about printed books with the power of the Internet without interrupting the flow of the story. Enhanced books seamlessly link the book to video clips and web pages to simultaneously see and hear what the characters in the story are experiencing. To make this possible, QR codes, stamp-sized graphics, get you where you want to go. All you need is a smart phone, iPod Touch, iPad 2, desktop or laptop computer equipped with a camera, QR reader software—and an Internet connection.

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