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Claire Datnow, World Traveler and Author
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Claire Datnow writes environmental novels with themes of mystery, adventure, and environmental action. Her stories interweave science and storytelling to inspire readers to become wise and just stewards of the Earth. If you are like Barbara Kingsolver, Carl Hiaasen, or Sy Montgomery you will enjoy Claire’s stories.
Environmental Mysteries

The Lone Tree cover Who Stole The Cahaba Lily_cover Who Kidnepped The Koala LT Cover page 9:3 Return og The Red-cockaded Woodpecker Piping Plover cover Moarch Mysteries

Climate & Climate Change
Front Cover Red Flag  copy
Memoirs & Novels
The Nine Inheritors book cover Behind The Walled Garden of Apartheid
Non Fiction
The Final Diagnosis_cover Edwin Hubble
Highlights of Norway Passionate Trveler Iberian Peninsula Vol 1 The Passionate Traveler  Passionate Traveler Asia 2

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